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"Secret Garden" directs to lose face the lead profession " the stealth champion "

Views:3     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-11-19      Origin:Site

 The calm count said that will run quickly is the very good example - - high grade product and the unique craft will let the enterprise with the Audi automobile be in an impregnable position. Now, splendor Bai Jia the product which makes in Germany has an about half export, mainly sells to Eurozone other countries.
 Now, splendor Bai Jia has the near 7500 staff's transnational enterprise, from 2012 to 2013 the fiscal year, its sales volume surpasses 590,000,000 euros (to be approximately equal to 4,882,000,000 Yuan).
 Looks like in the count, must manage a Family firm continually, most importantly must manage it by the specialty mode, “in the family business, the light has a dream is invalid, you very quick being eliminated from the competition. You change unceasingly. If you stretched oneself said that I might be satisfied to my product, then this will be advances to the hell the first step”.
 Looks like in the calm count, Family firm's biggest superiority lies, the leader may have the bigger words power to make in some strategic the decision-making, and gives the final word.
 On century 80's, to scramble for a more broad market, he beats time enters the Asian and Pacific area, opens the workshop in Malaysia and Indonesia. “the short-term speaks this resolution not to be able to bring any benefit to us, but long-term looked is may. We had insisted in these places 10 years are even long, now have a look at Malaysia and Indonesia are successful. You must from the most foundation market start, then have the enough patience and the time cultivate, very many enterprises do not have this consciousness.”
 “the pencil are obsolete, but cannot lack”
 However, on the other hand, although the splendor cypress fine company already passed through more than 250 years history, the experience wind and rain are innumerable, but they face the threat was still ubiquitous: If the competitor technology enhances, the Eurozone economy not booming as well as the technical development. The biggest threat lies in: When before the school age, the child also understood how to operate iPad, the crayon and pen's future will become is very indefinite.
 “how will digital technique's being published change writing, this is the biggest challenge which the splendor cypress fine faces. The later children will also write?”Once created “the stealth champion” a word control to consult Consultant Herrmann·Simon said.
 However, calm count, although realized brings the threat to the digital technique, but he firmly believed that writing by hand will never vanish. He pointed out that the people were still using the fountain pen, the pencil and the glimmer light pen write the personal note, the documents which the tag prints. He indicated that even if in the wealthy country, the children also needs to learn to use the pencil and the fountain pen, raises the motor skill which the read-write needs.
 “to a certain extent, the pencil are the very obsolete product, but it was still essential,” said calmly, “the pencil will continue the time which will exist us to think possibly must be much long-time.”
 In order to guarantee these words also to be able to be able to stand firmly to the next generation, a calm count 33 year-old son, graduated from the Columbia University Business school's Charlie counts had joined the splendor Bai Jia marketing department recently. The calm count said severely: “first, he must study the service.”
 "Secret Garden" the unpopularity, has fulfilled the calm count's judgment as if. "Secret Garden" by British illustrator Qiao Hanna·The bess luck creation, in the book has each category flower-and-bird, the construction and so on black and white handpainted design, the reader may the random tintage. After this book publication, then for a long time occupies UK-US Amazon best-selling announcement first, now is all the rage Asia, attracts is being far away from campus many year adults to take up the crayon.
 Collected sayings
 If you want to let you the child take over, first, you must let him have the same level education and the knowledge background with the exterior competitor, same level ability. Next, you must find the human who suitable to do the family business. I always advocated, so long as the management has the member who 12 come from the family, this was enough. The Family firm must have the long-term thought that must know, the Family firm needs to consider the matter is by “the generation” the computation, but is not “the year”.

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